Valle Gran Rey is the sunny side of the island

Valle Gran Rey

At the market of Valle Gran Rey (Every Sunday from 09.00 ’till 15.00) are a lot of local handicraftsmen and so is Beach-Art. The market is behind the busstation and contains a lot of nice stands. I really invite you to come and see. It is a ‘famous’ market and if you are on La Gomera, you have to see it 😉

The canary islands are also famous about something else: the sun. It’s important to protect you against this brutal one. With cream, a hat or an umbrella. On the beach, in the city, but also on the market. De governement has cutted drastically the big trees on the square where the market is. The big Indian laurel trees (laureles indianos) are so cutted now, they cannot give shade at all. So, I decide to make our own sunprotection for the market of Valle Gran Rey.

The local fabric-shop on the island sells beautiful cloth all year long, especially for sun protection. Except in January, the moment when I was in that store. In the first part of Februari the whole shop is full of tulle, felt, lace, straps, glitters and masks. In short: the whole shop is totally filled of carnival affairs! They love carnival and the most beautifull creations will be designed. So, with all these carnival affairs,  there is no place for sun protecting cloth!

Nevertheless, they have that special material for sunprotection at the attic, the owner told me. If I could tell him what color I want, he could bring it down. Meanwhile, the store was packed with women who all need lace, yarn or something else for the costumes they are making. And yes, all these glittering, furry and colorfull stuff is very nice to see… I’m getting greedy, even though I have no idea where to use it for.

An hour later with 7 meter sunprotection material, yarn and a pack of new needles, I drove home. I had measured it very presicely. I need to cut and sew it all at once, because it’s impossible to try or measure it ‘half-way’. I was excited to make a sunroof for my own place on the market of Valle Gran Rey! A sort of tent, wind-proof and a good, firm protection against the sun. Lets start!

Installed behind my sewingmachine, I started ‘small’, with the first little parts I had marked and cutted out. Within a few hours the ‘thing’ grows and grows. After two days of non-stop working, it was ready. My own sunroof for the market of Valle Gran Rey.

And then….Sunday. Market. THE day to check if al measurements were good. I took my scissors with me for ‘in case of’ but is wasn’t necessary. was PERFECT! Tourists at the market of Valle Gran Rey can visit Beach-Art while standing into the shadow, and my work is protected against sun and rain. Huray!!

After more of two years of using it, I am still glad I made it.

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