The story of Seaglass


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Seaglass is found on all kind of beaches around the world. It takes years before glass, which is thrown into the sea, returns to soft pieces. The glass gets a different shape through rolling and contact between rocks, and softened and frosted in the soft sand.  Seaglass is often called “Mermaid Tears”. Why? Let me tell you.

The story tells, that mermaids could change the mighty course of nature. They were forbidden to do so by Neptune, the stern and watchful god of the sea.

On a stormy night, a ship fought to find safety in the Cove of Nootka Island in San Juan. The ship was familiar to a mermaid who swam along its side. She had weathered many crossings with the ship and its’ captain. As the ship heeled in the wind, the captain lost his hold on the wheel and tumbled into the sea. In a split second, the mermaid calmed the wind and the waves. She changed the course of nature and saved the life of a man she loved from afar.

Neptune has sawn everything from a distance and was furious about her actions.
For that, Neptune banished the mermaid to the oceans’ depths. He condemned her for eternity never to go to the surface, or swim with ships again. The mermaid cried, but obeyed Neptune. She disappeared to the depths of the sea and never stopped crying. Almost every day, her tears are washing up upon the beaches, as seaglass.

Mostly every day I’m walking on the small beaches of La Gomera, to look for seaglass. I’m looking for the special “tears” and gather driftwood. I collect pebbles and combines it together to a delicate and subtile way of art. I hope you like it.

My art of seaglass goes world wide and the program ‘Canarias Hoy’ of RTV Canarias made an item of Beach-Art.

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