A shop on Etsy for Beach-Art!

I think I have a problem. Into my head are always little things I’d like to explore. My head sometimes looks like the inside of an oldfashioned watch. All those little cogs and wheels are always moving, creating, wondering and exploring. I cannot sit and watch, I have to move, have to create and I like to explore. Looking for seaglass, cleaning it and making new items for the markets do fill a big part of my week. It’s all to blame to this lovely island in the big ocean. This island is the big source of all my ideas 😉

So, I am trying to reschedule my days, and it seems to work. Making a good shop was a big wish but it is also a big challenge and it takes a lot of time. Such as preparing and making a Christmas dinner for the whole family. Are you gonna do everything yourself: cutting, cooking, stewing and preparing? Or do you outsource some things…

Let Etsy do it

I decided to outsource the design an paymentsystem to Etsy. They work with a professional designed online store where you can easily place the photos yourself, and write your own texts. It’s easy and tips and tricks are very usefull. The global payment system has also been fully devised. Very good, it saves me a lot of hours, even when I like to make a shop on my own, sometimes you have to make choises.

So, within a few hours I had a well-organized store, a shop full of beautiful presents from the sea. The virtual doors are 24/7 open and you can take a look at the items as many times you want and on any time of the day. Curious? Click on the Etsy-Logo below or on the fat-printed words above.

Still you can ask me for a special order, a customized item with special colors or with less or more figures on it. I love to make it for you!





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