Order your presents for Thanksgiving on time!

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States and Canada to say ‘thank you’ (historically to God) for the harvest and for all other good things in the past year. In Amercia it’s celebrated on the fourth thursday in November. But in Canada, where the harvest ends earlier, Thanksgiving is in October.

Thanksgiving is celebrated with the whole family and they travel miles and miles to be together. Eating, celebrating, giving little presents to each other. Because in the US it’s always on a Thursday, many employees get a day off on the following day (friday). It is a beautiful little holiday!

It is traditional to give presents on Thanksgiving. Shouldn’t it be nice to give something handmade on the Canary Islands?

A sweet scene with the moon, a romantic couple and small pieces of sea glass as twinkling stars.

Don’t wait too long to order your handmade and unique homedecoration!
Your order will be firmly packed as a present and ready to give to your loved ones!


The little stars are made of small pieces of yellow seaglass, the moon is painted.


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