October, a new high season

October. The new high season has begun. After a warm summer in which the wind was strong during many days in summer, now it seems to be a calmer time of year. Since almost two weeks the wind and see become quiet. On many Canary Islands the high season starts in October, with many tourists from northern Europe, who want to escape the approaching cold, humid and dark days. They book a holiday , are looking for a nice ‘casa’, sign up for tracking or rerlax a few days on a cruiseship.

The MeinSchiff 1 is one of those cruise ships that will moor here. In the spring of 2018 the ship Mein Schiff 1 of TUI Cruises was replaced by the Neue Mein Schiff 1. This new ship has several restaurants, bars and lounges. To be precisely, you can count 12 restaurants and bistros! There are many possibilities to eat and try all kinds of food. In addition, the ship has the ‘Fischmarkt’ where you can taste the most delicious dishes from the sea. The ship has sixteen decks and is more than 300 meters long.

With more than 2,800 passengers and 1,000 crew members, the ship is a small village which is moored for one day in the port of San Sebastian.

October is also the month of ‘ Virgen de Guadaloupe‘.  A celebration which is very important on this island. Since 1872 the descent of the Virgin of Guadalupe celebrated from the sanctuary of Puntallana to the capital of the island, San Sebastián de La Gomera. Because of crisis, the imhabitants asked the bishop to send the Virgin every 5 years to the capital of the island, (instead of every year) a request that was approved. In 1968 the diocese of Tenerife decided that the image not only went down to San Sebastian, but would be brought over the entire island, and would visit all municipalities such as Agulo, Alajeró, Hermigua, Vallehermoso and Valle Gran Rey .

It’s the only Canarian descent in which the Virgin moves from her sanctuary to the capital of the island by sea. The descent starts on the Monday after the first Saturday of October and after this pilgrimage-tour through the island, the statue returns to its hermitage. This return coincides on 12 December (appearance of the Virgin Mariana) or the following Saturday. Once in her chapel, the statue does not return for five years.

This weekend will be a crowdy weekend into the main capital: A lot of people will be here because of the fesitvities on monday the 8th AND the MeinSchiff 1 will be in the harbour. I am looking foreward to be on the market and welcome all people!





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