How to find Seaglass yourself!

We love to be in the neighbourhood of water, no matter if it is a river, a lake or the big ocean. The last one has – by far – our preference. Even our dog loves water on the rocky shore, near a river or on the beach. We forget about time, lunch, dinner and appointments when we hear the splashing sound of water, taste the saltiness of the sea, or see the sparkling of the sun in the water.

We are a lucky threesome, I know!

Living on a rock about 80 meters above the ocean, It’s easy for us to go to the beach and take a bath,  a dive or to go for a SUP. After some action (or without al that action.. 😉 ) I love strolling along the shore and look in the wet sand. There I know to find my little treasures.

How to look, and find seaglass

Choosing the best times to go for seaglass, depends on the tide. Look at online charts to find out when the sea is at lowest, and plan your trip. The best time for finding it, is an hour before the lowest point is there.

I find pieces of seaglass all year long, but the best catches are during winter and after stormy weather. Here on the islands, it’s always good to go for searching, after days of ‘Mar de fondo’. ‘Mar de fondo’ means the swells are bigger, made far away from land, and coming up roling to the shores. The swells are not made by just some wind around the islands, but with a free and strong wind far, far away on open seas. The ocean has all time and strenght to let the swells grow, sometimes up to 4-5 meter high! The waves of ‘mar de fondo’ are characterized by the regular distances and the smooth tops, the wavelength is much higher than the altitude, with rounded ridges that never break on the high seas.

Don’t walk away from dirt and take your time!

A smooth, well-groomed beach is not where to look for seaglass. No, find a beach that has shells, rocks and stones, or even litter lying around! Or make on lazy sundays a little research on internet and find beaches nearby a dump, or wharves from many decades ago. Those are the places! … You have to do something to find it..! 

Don’t go out for a quick walk on the beach to search for seaglass. Walk slowly and focus your eyes on little colors, different that shells and sand. It takes some time to learn but at the end, you know how to search. Parts of the beach where a lot of seaweed is collected, or with small rocks, are real nice places to find seaglass.

The shoreline is not always THE best spot. Look where the tide was at highest point, and check out the dirt, driftwood and seaweed, too. You will be surprised what you will find there! Usually I walk the same stretch of beach twice. Back and forth. The incidence of light and the way you search, makes you notice new pieces of seaglass on your returned walk.

Try to walk on the beach with the sun from beside or behind you. The sparkling of the sun into the seaglass will help you to find your treasures a bit easier.

Doubts about seaglass: plastic, pebble or trash..

Do you have doubts about the seaglass you just found? Tap against it with your ring. It must sound hard and light. Is  that little piece in your hand almost black and are you still doubting if it’s a pebble or real seaglass? Then backlit it by the sun. A dark glass shard can reveal a very special treasure! Light can comes through in green, Yellow, Blue or even Red!

Enjoy your treasures!

Place your collected sea glass in glass jars, bottles and trays. Place them in the window light and enjoy the beautiful colors that are visible when the daylight changes.


Foto: Wim Del Arte

Foto: Wim Del Arte


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