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Beach-Art on RTV Canarias? Yes!

Beach-Art is on different markets on La Gomera and many people are excited when they see the things we make. During one of these days, I met a nice girl who was very interested in the work of Beach-Art. She asked a lot of things and told me that she works as a reporter for RTV Canarias. She and her team makes broadcasts from La Gomera, which are intended for all residents of the Canary Islands. Most of time the broadcasts are newsitems, but sometimes they have time to make other broadcasts. She asked me if Beach-Art has time for an interview. She wanted to see how and where Beach Art works on La Gomera. Of course, it would be nice when the viewers of the program ‘Canarias Hoy‘ could see my atelier too!

So, on an early morning, when I was looking for material on the beach, the team filmed me. I did my job on the beach – searching for material – and answered the questions on camera. Later that day, the friendly team of RTV Canarias filmed Beach-Art during ‘the proces of creating’ at the atelier. It’s unusual to have the camera so close, but it’s nice to see the results in the little ‘documentairy’. And for sure, we are proud of this result!

Our compliments for Patricia and Sari, the young team of RTV Canarias! They encouraged me and helped me (language!) where it was needed!

Are you curious too?
Please click on the image below to see the interview.


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