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Mar de Fondo – Big Waves and Swell

Mar de Fondo is very common during wintertime. But what does ‘Mar de Fondo’ means?  This kind of sea and waves starts in a far area of the open ocean, also called the generator area. In that area the wind starts, because of the beginning of a storm or hurricane. The waves, formed by that wind, follows their way across the open sea.

The waves starts growing and because of the deep sea. These waves are characterized by their regular interval and their soft ‘top’. The length of the wave is much higher than its’ height, with rounded edges, that never break at sea. Small waves disappear very soon after leaving the generator area. This makes it easier to recognise the characteristics of ‘Mar de Fondo’.

Mar de Fondo – Power!

This state of the sea has no relation to the current wind when it reaches tho coast. It can be a sunny day with a light breeze but with very high and powerfull waves on beaches and coastal. It is very impressive to see the big waves rolling and breake on the shore. Swimming with Mar de Fondo is not done. Without any protection like a harbour arm, a pier or a concrete structure, is very risky.

During Mar de Fondo when it is low tide, and after the days of this phenomenon, there is a lot to see and find on the beaches 🙂 There are a lot of little beaches on the island and it feels I have not enough time to visit them at time! The sea gives me the little presents I love…

Mar de Fondo

Driftwood, shells and seaglass…

A shop on Etsy for Beach-Art!

Making a shop takes time. And yes, between all ideas, working in my atelier and days at the markets, I could ‘make’ some time! Finally it is ready and we are proud of it: an online shop at Etsy. Still basicly because the season of cruiseships has started and the days on the markets are growing.

A shop full of beautiful presents!

Do you still want that product you have seen on the market but you didn’t buy? Or there was no opportunity to buy it? From now on you can find my work online. And if it’s not there, ask for it. We love to make customized orders!




Use your Imagination

Imagination is for ‘creators’ an indispensable talent.

A rough sketch, the first strokes with a brush, or the first tick with the chisel in stone … Without imagination it will becomes nothing. It has a reason that the artist occasionally steps backwards to see his work from a distance. Is it what it was in his imaginagion? Could he accomplish his briliant idea, born in the middle of the night and of which he couldn’t sleep?

For an example this little piece of wood. I found on the beach in the north part of the island, after some stormy days. Softened by water, salt and wind it became smooth and it feels like silke. I picked it up and almost immidiately it ‘transformed’ in my eyes into a little brown bird. That’s imagination.


What do you see?

In my atelier I placed it on a flat pebble and for me it was finished. From that moment the little bird stood on a shelf in the hall. Sometimes visitors asked me where I did find that ‘little seal’, or when I finish ‘that piece of wood’.  I do not feel attacked by these words and they don’t  have a lack of art-feeling. Looking at art – no matter what kind of art – is a combination of mood, gaze and a feeling. You can see beauty (or art) in the most simplest things around you.

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ – famous words of Shakespeare – and so it is.

Sometimes people see other things in Beach-Art than I did when I was creating.  And that’s allright. The only thing which counts is if they are touched by it.

imagination, driftwood, sea, art

Worldwide Art in a picture

Worldwide? Yes we are! And we are so proud..

I will ask you… did you see it on one of the tabs of this website? The artworks of Beach-Art are really going to ‘every corner’ of the world! Some visitors of the market send us a picture of the artwork when they are home – and we like it! For us it is nice to see that Beach-Art goes worldwide and to ‘all the corners of the world’.

We speak to all kind of  vistors from a lot of countries in Europe on the market, because the Canary Islands are a favorite destination during wintertime. Many people like a little bit of sun in wintertime and it’s only a few hours fly to be here. But also cruise ships visit the harbour of our island, even as world-explorers from other countries than Europe.

Besides visitors at the market, a nice shop in Denmark has the art of Beach-Art in it’s assortment. If you are in the area of Fredericia, take some time to visit the shop and say ‘Hi‘ to the owner! But the work of Beach-Art goes really worldwide to Canada, the USA, Switserland, Indonesia and recently to Cuba…!

There is a list on internet where you can find all countries in the world.. almost 200 countries….But let’s start with Europe and see how ‘wordwide’ Beach-Art is going 😉

Worldwide in Europe

Have you bought a Beach-Art and your country is not ‘signed’ on the map below? Let us know, we love to update the ‘worldwide’ map of Europe! And if you like, send us a picture of your Beach-Art at home!

worldwide map europ

Wordwide on Facebook!

Of course you can find Beach-Art on Facebook. Our Facebook page is up to date with nice pictures, more information and news about Seaglass. Share and like Beach-Art on Facebook – that’s what we like too!

My atelier

Your atelier, office, the kitchen or the garage … if your workplace is good equiped, you work a lot easier, right? Here too.

From scratch on, I knew how to set up my atelier. But making it that way is an other case.. Here on the island are two stores where you can find material for building and agriculture. They really have a lot, but sometimes not the quality we are looking for. Or they only have two parts of a product (wheels, brackets, braces, slats) while we need four, five or eight parts of something for to use into my atelier. To re-order is possible, they will send it from another island or from the mainland. In all options you need to be patient. The order could be forgotten, out of stock or they say you didn’t order it….. We don’t complain. Because we know when somthing is ordered, it takes some time… sometimes a lot of time ;-). So, making my atelier complete….it took also a long time….

Living here is most of time looking for other, creative opportunities to ‘getting things done’. And we succeed in it! We find little shops in the village, they know me as ‘the creative one’. When the shops don’t have it, ordering stuff online for my atelier is an option.  Because of that, the transport company knows us now by name and gave us a special name (because we aren’t Spanish). When we are ‘downtown’ for a coffee or on the road, there is always a smile and a raised hand. Frendly people on this island!

My big wish was a large table in my atelier to work on. A table to let things wait, dry or transform. To have space for Beach-Art, but also for other creative things. My other half made one of 2,5 x 1,4 meter with the front side facing the wall beneath the window. It is made of firm material that can have a bump, resists paint or ‘Stanleys’ without any problem. The table in my atelier is my favourite, I work almost daily on it and I enjoy so much space! On the video you can see it but you can see it even better below, on the picture.

As I wrote, I work every day in my atelier. First with a lot of boxes under the table, in the corner and growing piles against the wall. Boxes filled with all kind of material, pencils, paper, books and things I found on the beaches. That isn’t an ideal situation and with a creative brain, my atelier became soon ‘too little’. So, I saw an irresistible offer online….

The men of the transport company delivered the package a few days later, while I was cleaning in my atelier my treasures of that morning.  Surprised about speed – Monday ordered and Thursday already on the island – replied the transportman “Yes I thought, let’s try if their at home, it’s nice they have it today, isn’t it? Otherwise, I would have called you to ask if you were nearby so I could deliver it later today.

Isn’t that nice?

The package has been transformed into a great wall-wide storageplace into my atelier, where everything gets a place. And I am so happy!

Atelier, Beach-Art, storage

Visit my Atelier

Unfortunally, you cannot visit me into my atelier while I am at work. But….sign in on Facebook and like the page of Beach-Art, or visit us on a market!

Treasures of the sea

The little treasures of the sea… they make my day!
As I walk along the shore, I often do not see what’s happening around me. Even the sun, beautiful clouds or a boat…. I do not notice them. I’m scannning for other things. Little colors, a shell, a nice pebble. I prefer to go early, so there are not many people on the beach or into the water. I love the silence of the early hours of the day. The heat of a new summer day will come, but is not there yet.

I look for colors in the sand and listen to the waves. The waves change in sound and power, in every move. They seem to play a game in sound and power, every wave again. If the waves sounds powerful, I almost automaticly take a step aside to give space to the salty water. If the waves sounds soft and calmly, I woun’t change a thing and keep walking. There is no hurry, no speed. Step bij step I am scanning for treasures. Sometimes I don’t find much. In summer, when the water is calm, the sea kiss the shore softly and keeps the little treasures herself. If the sea is rough, if there is ‘mar de fondo‘ or if there has been a storm, I have more luck. The sea pushes and throws her waves on the beach and leaves her treasures behind.

I pick them up and keeps all small treasures in my pocket or in my bag. They are secure and safe: during the morning they bump into my bermuda pockets or sanding along each other at the bottom of my bag. Sometimes I forget them and find them again a few days later as little treasures at the bottom of my bag.

Treasures of the sea

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The market of Valle Gran Rey

At the market of Valle Gran Rey (Every Sunday from 09.00 ’till 15.00) are a lot of local handicraftsmen and so is Beach-Art. The market is behind the busstation and contains a lot of nice stands.

The canary islands are famous about it: the sun. It’s important to protect you against this brutal one. So, we decided to make our own sunprotection for the market of Valle Gran Rey.

The local fabric-shop on the island sells beautiful cloth all year long, especially for sun protection. Except in January, the moment when we were in that store. In the first part of Februari the whole shop is full of tulle, felt, lace, straps, glitters and masks. In short: the whole shop is totally filled of carnival affairs. They love carnival and the most beautifull creations will be designed!

Nevertheless, they have that special material for sunprotection at the attic, the owner told me. If I could tell him what color I want, he could bring it down. Meanwhile, the store was packed with women who all need lace, yarn or something else for the costumes they are making. And yes, all these glittering, furry and colorfull stuff is very nice to see… I’m getting greedy, even though I have no idea where to use it for.

An hour later with 7 meter sunprotection material, yarn and a pack of new needles, we drove home. We have measured it very presicely. I need to cut and sew it all at once, because it’s impossible to try or measure it ‘half-way’.

We are excited to make a sunroof for our own place on the market of Valle Gran Rey! A sort of tent, wind-proof and a good, firm protection against the sun…Lets start!

Installed behind my sewingmachine, I started ‘small’, but within a few hours the ‘thing’ grows and grows. After two days of non-stop working, it was ready. My own sunroof for the market of Valle Gran Rey.

And then….Sunday….market. THE day to check if al measurements were good. I took my scissors with me for ‘in case of’ but is wasn’t necessary. was PERFECT! Tourists at the market of Valle Gran Rey can visit Beach-Art while standing into the shadow, and my work is protected against sun and rain. Huray!!

market of Valle Gran Rey

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