So, have you visit Beach-Art on the market on the beatifull island La Gomera, and do you have questions about our work? Or did you visit the website ‘out of the blue’ and like to know more about our work?

You can always send us an email with your questions, we like to answere them.

Have you visit us and bought a ‘Beach-Art‘ as a present for family or friends? Did they appreciated it with a beautifull place in theire house? Share it with us and ask them to send us a picture of that very special place. Did you bought a ‘Beach-Art‘ for yourself and have you find a special place for it at your home? Send us a picture, we are curious!

From our island in the middle of the ocean, we like to know where our arts finds a new home. We love to add your pictures on our special page Word Wide Beach-Art. Before publishing, we always ask you if you agree with that.

Have you been on the market and visit us but forget to buy a ‘Beach-Art‘ remembrance of this little island? Don’t worry, there is no need for being sad. You can order them by email. Maybe you remember one of the images or  and tell us your wishes about size, color and image. We like to create something special for you, based on our creativity, but always with your wishes in mind.
Do not hesitate to contact us and ask.

After finished your order, we will send it to you, firmly packed and by special mail.

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Did you know Beach-Art has it’s own Facebook page? Visit us and like our page. From that moment on you won’t miss a thing about new designs, the latest news or markets we are on.

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