Beach-Art is worldwide!

Worldwide? Yes we are! And I am so proud..

The art of Beach-Art is really going to ‘every corner’ of the world! Some visitors of the market send me a picture of their bought one, when they are home. And I like it! For me, the contacts on the market are nice. Talking with people, asking where they’re from and how their experience on the island is. I like to know that Beach-Art goes worldwide, and to ‘all the corners of the world’.

I speak to all kind of ┬ávistors from a lot of countries, because the Canary Islands are a favorite destination during wintertime. Many people like a little bit of sun in wintertime and it’s only a few hours fly to be here. But also cruiseships visit the harbour of our island, even as world-explorers and hikers from all over the world.

Internet is big, you can find a lot of everything on it. Information of the island for example, but it’s also a big source of all other kind of data. It has many possibilities….. one of them is that I can make clear where my customers come from, or people who are interested in Beach-Art.

As you can see, Beach-Art is in at least 55 countries….!




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