Hi, I am Mirjam, the creative brain behind Beach-Art! 


Profiel Beach-Art

As an autodidact, with decades of practice, I have developed my own style in visual arts like painting, sculpting and handicraft. Since 2013 I work and live on one of the smallest islands of the Canary Archipel. The mysterious ocean that surrounds the Canary islands, the rough nature and the beautiful colors of the villages are fascinating! It has a magical effect on my creativity. While walking on the beaches, Beach-Art was born. After a few months I started selling on little markets, passed my exam as Artesano, and the rest is history…

♥ Visual Artist ♥ Creative Mind ♥ Think Outside the Box ♥ Sunny Days ♥ Nature ♥ Bright ♥ Colorful ♥


Where can you buy my art?


Market La Gomera

Beach-Art is every Sunday at the special Market for Artesanos in Valle Gran Rey.  

You can find here the location of the market in Valle Gran Rey, it is very simple to go there by car, bus or walking.



Beach-Art shop

In high season (from october until april) there are several special art markets organised on La Gomera.

I renew regularly a list with these special markets. Please look at this list now and then to see where I will be.



Beach-Art shop

Are you not on La Gomera, or don’t you have time to go to one of the several markets?

No problem, you can buy Beach-Art also online! Click on the Etsy image on the left or use the shop button in the menu.




On an early morning, when I was looking for material on the beach, the team filmed me. I did my job on the beach – searching for material – and answered the questions on camera. Later that day, the friendly team of RTV Canarias, filmed me during ‘the proces of creating’ at my atelier. It’s unusual to have the camera so close, but it’s nice to see the results in the little ‘documentairy’. And for sure, I am proud of this result!

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Broadcast RTV Canarias – Beach-Art

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